Probably the orchid that is most often grown by first time growers as it is easy to  grow and is readily available in retail outlets throughout the country.

Phalaenopsis come in various colours from white through pink to the darkest purple. Some are yellow and others striped or spotted. Most have flower spikes 500mm to 600mm in height but there are also miniature versions  available with flower spikes of about 150mm. Plants should be kept at a temperature between 15C & 25C,  the lower temperature being at night. They should be grown in bright light (but not in direct sun) and watered once every 7 to 10 days. Always water from the top of the pot, but do not let water remain in the centre of the leaf junction. These plants have long lasting flowers and can appear at any time of the year. Plants should be watered all the year round and repotted every two or three years.

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