Dendrobium has a large number of species, probably more than 1000 and are found mainly in Southeast Asia.  There maybe four or five times that many hybrids.  So, it is a large group.  They grow at various temperatures.

 As you may expect there is a huge variation across the genera with flowers lasting a few days to a few months.  Plants available in retail outlets fall mainly into two types:  a) Nobile  b)Phalaenopsis

Nobile type have long cane-like pseudo bulbs which flower up the whole length of the stem when grown well. New growth is from the base of the plant and appears in spring continuing through the summer to flower the following year. Plants should be watered and fed regularly during the growing season but given a cool dryer rest in winter.

Phalaenopsis type have similar cane-like pseudo bulbs but the flower spike is born at the top of these and may bear many flowers. Care is similar to the nobile type but they will stand a little more heat.

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