Paphiopedilum are known as “slipper orchids”.  They are quite different in looks from the general run of orchids as they have a pouch like lip.

Mostly single flowered,  they are ideally suited to growing in the house. There are exceptions in that larger plants of some species are multi-flowered  and are not suitable as house plants.  Paphiopedilum grow in Asia and are generally split into two groups, mottled leaved and green leaved ( although hybrids have been made between the two).  Mottled leaved varieties require heat as they originate from lowland areas whilst the green leaved varieties grow in more elevated areas and considered cool growing.   These plants do not have pseudo bulbs and should not be allowed to dry out. New growth emerges from the base of the plant and forms the flowering shoot for the following year, The growth from which the flower emerges will not flower a second time and will eventually die.

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