Some Specialist Orchids


Aerangis luteoalba var rhodosticta

This is a neat small orchid that comes from Africa. It is an epiphyte that grows  on cork bark, or straight cork.  You might also try it on tree fern.  It grows best in warm conditions.  Given plenty of water during the growing season, it will flower at any time of the year.  It has a beautiful quality and looks charming as all the flowers form in the same plane.  Not always an easy plant to keep,  but worth a try. 





Angraecum viguieri

This orchid is indigenous to Madagascar and will grow very well under warm conditions. It should be given a bright spot in a greenhouse as it also likes light conditions. One of our members has grown it in a perforated plastic pot that is used to water plants, suspended from the roof. It needs roughly 50% shading during the warm months.  It should be watered as soon as it feels a little dry as it does not like drying out.  During the winter, it needs  less water.  The flowers are quite large and it produces one bloom per flower spike.






Gastrorchis pulchra.

This is a terrestrial orchid from Madagascar with beautiful soft pink and white flowers that are on an erect flower spike rising from small pseudobulbs that have grass like leaves. This orchid was grown in a terrestrial mix that is used for carnivorous plants mixed with bark chips and moss. This seems to suit the plant as it is growing well.  The plant is kept moist at all times and in a warm humid temperature.






Aeranthes henrici

This Madagascan orchid grows epiphytically in warm, humid low light conditions in a greenhouse.  It seems to grow and flower well.   It is misted each day, more in the summer months which helps it root well. The flowers are large for the genus and have a greenish-white colour. The leaves are leathery with a wavy edge.







Angraecum didieri

This is a delightful small growing Angraecum species from Madagascar with large white flowers for it`s size. It is grown on a cork slab in warm bright conditions, with plenty of water during the summer and misting the roots every 2/3 days in winter with a good watering once a week.